Pit Bulls Are So Vicious

As a former pit bull owner I can attest, these dogs are NOT the vicious killers the mainstream media portrays them to be.

Remove Hidden .AppleDB, .AppleDouble, .AppleDesktop Folders from NFS/SMB Mounts

I got sick of my Mac always leaving behind trash on my Media server. So I created a little script to clean all those pesky files from my media mount.

Up on GitHub

Github I finally did it. I finally got around to putting TQuizzle.com up on GitHub. It wasn’t without some issues, but I can finally say that I did it.

7 WordPress Plugins That Will Save You Time

7 WordPress Plugins That Will Save You Time (via Boxxbury Marketing)

Due to its ease of use, thousands of customizable themes, and functionality, WordPress is by far my favorite CMS (Content Management System) – especially for small businesses. The developer-created plugins is another reason why I switch each of my…

Must-Have Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Blog

Must-Have Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Blog (via http://bosmol.com)

If you are into social media, your first objective will be to spread word about your business, products and services. These plugins can be included in your blog page itself. Plugins help your blog readers follow you on social media. When your blog is…

Clearing out the /boot partition on Ubuntu Server

Boot Partition Full

WordPress Most Popular Plugins (Infographic)

One reason WordPress is so successful as a blogging and CMS platform is due to the community of developers dedicated to making it great.

How To Move Critical Windows Folders to Other Local Disks

Moving Users and Prog Files

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For a primer, you should check out my [previous post][1] on this topic. There will be some referencing it in this post.

11 Essential WordPress Plugins for September 2011

A friend started out today asking me if I had time for some WordPress input…specifically regarding backups and related plugins. I though to myself, maybe I should write up a small email to my buddy and mention all the plugins I think are essential. I did and that led to me thinking…”I should put this out for others.” He thought the same thing and suggested I turn it into something on my site.