I recently just changed my permalink structure here on this blog. I was getting tired of seeing the year/month/day/title in the URL. Instead I just chose the simple /archive/post-title approach. I think it will be much better.

For this to occur, I used the plugin Dean’s Permalinks Migration. You’ll find this plugin, once enabled, under your “Settings” area. Ensure that your old Permalink structure is there and then easily change to your newly desired permalink structure.

With this plugin, you can safely change your permalink structure without breaking the old links to your website,and even doesn’t hurt your google pagerank.

It really is as simple as that, now all my new posts have a shorter, more easy to follow URL permalink structure.


TQuizzle.com is my place to talk about whatever. I really don't post here much anymore what with all the other domains I own, but I'm putting it up on GitHub so that it can be seen for archive puposes.