Photographer’s Rights

I recently came across these and I’m not entirely sure where it was. I’m sure it was when I was geeking out over some fantastic photography equipment that I want.

Permalink Change – Moving Forward

I recently just changed my permalink structure here on this blog. I was getting tired of seeing the year/month/day/title in the URL. Instead I just chose the simple /archive/post-title approach. I think it will be much better.

There is a War Going on for Your Mind

There’s a war going on for your mind

Google Document Viewer for WordPress

I actually read about this little feature a while back…like almost a year or so ago. I thought it was a neat feature, I just really had no use for it.

Using the Robots Meta Tag to Reduce Duplicate Search Engine Data

Chris Pearson is a stud when it comes to all things web, not to mention the guy’s relentless pursuit of wordpress goodness keeps me coming back to his blog again and again.
Yesterday morning, a post from him via grabbed my attention. It was all about how to use the Robots Meta Tags option in the very popular theme Thesis. While I dont use Thesis, I still found it extremely interesting and started to investigate its declaration:

Guerrilla Gardening

Greenaid apparently got the simplest of things figured out…”Seed Bombs”

My Sleep Schedule

My wife “Stumbled Upon” this little gem this morning and it reminded her of me…when I saw it, I had to post it.

Mac Twitter Clients – Way More Than You Need

So the Mac.AppStorm.Net team decided to run down a few twitter clients for the Mac. Well, 50 to be more precise. This probably isn’t all of them by far, but as a guy who already has 5 twitter clients installed on my mac; I don’t really need yet another.

So much to write about

So I’ve had a million things on my mind lately including new entrepreneurial ideas and ways to expand markets.

Driveby Culture & the Endless Search for Wow

Seth has a really interesting post about our distractedness. We live this out in our culture every day.