I am The Gathering – Ben Hamilton

Ben tells his testimony including his struggle with worldly things & ending up in military school; drugs, pain, addiction, and ultimately his release & hope with Christ and new-found love in youth ministry. Ben is a great example of living what you believe…

Beautiful Sunset

I snapped a few iPhone photos tonight on the way home.

New Look

So I’ve again changed my website’s look. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it, but as I’ve customized it more and more, I’m starting to like it.

Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is something this nation knows all about. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of it is what every American wishes to obtain. Unfortunately, I believe that a lot of Americans aren’t happy and/or can’t find a path to happiness that suits them and their needs. It’s so unfortunate that in the land of plenty, few are genuinely happy.

Previous Post / Next Post Image Thumbnails using Autofocus

So I’ve been uploading photos for a few months now to my photoblog and it’s been interesting. I love the Autofocus theme and all the amazing things it does, but it lacked something….

WPTouch – Mobile Friendly

TQuizzle.com | WPTouch
In effort to make browsing TQuizzle.com a little easier for the occasional mobile user, I installed the very popular WPTouch tonight. I have to say, this plugin has got a lot of good features and I’m sure with time it will only get better.

UFC 104: Shogun Won the Fight

Saturday night while watching UFC 104 over at @tshaiebly’s, many of us in the room thought Shogun won the main event. It was close no doubt, but I thought he pulled it off, but the judges saw it differently.

Austin City Limits – 2009

Heather and IThis year, the wife (@hquizzle) and I got a chance to go down to Austin for Austin City Limits. While I’ve never been to a music festival before, this blew my mind. So many bands, so many people, so many things to see. It was a blast.
A highlight of what I remember us seeing is as goes; Dr. Dog, some amazing Jazz guy, K’Naan, Bassnectar (briefly), Thievery Corporation & Kings of Leon. What an afternoon lineup!

ACL 2009We flew down there Thursday afternoon to make sure we got a good night’s rest before heading to ACL on Friday. Since they had already sold out on all the Saturday and Sunday tickets, we were able to just get the Friday tickets which actually worked out to our advantage. It rained…all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We heard of some ACL’ers who were covered in mud and had a terrible time in the rain. I’m sure it was great those days too, but I’m actually happy we only went on Friday.

How to Get the Windows 7 Taskbar in Windows XP

Windows 7 has tons of improvements over Vista its absurd. One of the best things is the taskbar in Windows 7. It’s totally different than what I was expecting to see when I downloaded the bata low these many months ago and started my test run.

vSphere Client in Windows 7

While I mostly use a PC at work and a Mac at home, occasionally I use my “other” laptop. That special one who only gets powered on a couple of times a month to do random and various tasks and as the title would suggest, it’s running Windows 7.